Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, Japan


She grew up free in the Japanese countryside, surrounded by the green of the mountains and the sea. Ever since she was a child, she loved to draw, losing track of time as she sketched countless pictures of animals and flowers.

Her current activities include exhibitions and performances in various places:

・May 2017 - Performance in Times Square, New York, USA
・December 2017 - Mural and Artwork Exhibition at Takeo City Hall
・March 2019 - Performance in Sebastopol, California, USA
・July 2019 - Exhibition and Performance in Chelsea, New York, USA
・August 2022 - Mural Dedication at Ureshino Toyotamahime Shrine
・December 2022 - Exhibition at the Mona Lisa Gallery in Paris
・May 2023 - Exhibition at Huis Ten Bosch
・February 2024 - "Megane Shojo and the Twelve Zodiac Signs" AI-generated Illustration Exhibition at Toyotamahime Shrine
・April 2024 - "Festival of the Nine-headed Dragon" AI-generated Illustration Exhibition at Toyotamahime Shrine

In her paintings, she mainly uses Japanese brushes and sumi ink to express movement and stillness on washi paper through light, shading, and ink bleeding. She hopes that these paintings will purify and refresh your mind by taking you away from your daily life and allowing you to feel the calmness and intensity conveyed through traditional Japanese ink painting.

As a child, she lost not only her beloved father but later her brother and her own children as well. These experiences had a profound impact on her life. Since then, she has always thought about "life and death" and cherishes each personal encounter as a "once-in-a-lifetime meeting."

Her unique worldview will continue to be expressed not only in traditional Japanese ink painting but also in new drawing techniques. She hopes to create something that will touch the hearts of people throughout the ages and around the world. She will use a variety of techniques to create works that will soothe the soul.

Additionally, she decorates the city with flexible art, such as the unified signage for stores along Takeo Onsen Street and the murals at Ureshino Toyotamahime Shrine. She is actively involved both domestically and internationally in calligraphy, illustrations, performances, murals, AI, signage, and the creation of art classroom goods.









武雄市 はらだ酒店

武雄市 CoffeeShop喜蔵

Sleeping dragon

Divine message

Bird, Fish, Dragon Bag
鳥・魚・龍 袋




dragon god/龍神

dragon god2/龍神2

Seven Gods of Fortune



Water god/水神

Climbing Dragon 1/登り龍1

Climbing Dragon 2/登り龍2

Wave Dragon 1/波龍1

Wave Dragon 2/波竜2

Cloud Dragon 1

Cloud Dragon 2

transparent dragon

Intelligent dragon/知龍




San Francisco


High school public performance

Morning Market

plum tree

Share Creative&Bed adonoan

Sumi-e class

ALT Saga

ALT Takeo

ALT Asahi

Junior high school


Zodiac sign/星座

12-year Chinese zodi/干支

Store sign/看板

12-year Chinese zodi/干支

omukae art
Beyond infection prevention! The front of the cash register is transformed into a welcome art!
The plastic curtain put up to prevent the spread of the new coronavirusCommunication with smiling
faces through the vinyl curtain!



Takeo City Hall/武雄市役所

Takeo Tourist Information Center/武雄観光案内所


Would you like to add a new element to your event?

I do "Brushstroke Irasuto Performance" on the road. We draw various things with brush strokes and illustrations at various places. In addition to various events, company events, parties, etc., we can also provide performances for foreigners to enjoy Japanese culture.
Types of services and estimated costs
(1) Street performance
(15 to 60 minutes, 55,000 yen and up)
We will draw the event title, dragon, phoenix, or any other image you want on the spot on a plotter paper (1m wide and 3m long).
(2) Drawing portraits, names, and company names
(approx. 5 minutes per person, from 550 yen)
We will draw your portrait or message on a postcard-size (card-size) paper.
(3) Graphic recorder
(Approximately 60 minutes, 55,000 yen and up)
We can create illustrated minutes of lectures and events on the spot. It will be completed at the end of the event and become a document.

Request for ink painting and handwriting works

Signboards, illustrations, etc. can be created by ink painting or brush lettering upon request.
Portrait drawing: from 3,000 yen
Illustrations of product descriptions: from 10,000 yen
Menus: from 10,000 yen
Commemorative goods, etc.: from 10,000 yen
The price will vary depending on the size of the paper and the contents of the drawing.


I also started selling OpenSea.
I've posted a variety of works here, including "Sumi-e", "Women of Line", and "Signboards".
Please enjoy my various works. I'd love it if you'd give me a ♡!



Hidamari OKKODO/ひだまりOKKO堂

Coffee Shop Kizo, 7353 Honmachi, Takeo City, Saga Prefecture
5 minutes walk from Takeo Onsen Station.

・TEL 090-5293-4593
・OPEN Weekdays 10:00 - 21:00
・MAIL okko30@gmail.com